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Addr: A5 Building Qifu Industrial Park,No.288Juhuashi street,Huashan Town,Huadu District, Guangzhou,China
Tel: 020-39936598
Fax: 020-37727718
E-mail: bdinfo@bettertooling.com
Website: http://www.mabusinc.com
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        BETTER PRECISION TOOLS CO., Ltd was founded in 2006, is located in Guangzhou Huadu District, GD Province. The company is committed to research & development of innovative professional, tool technology as the core, engaged in a variety of carbide standard tools, non-standard tools, inserts,  broaches and other production. The company's products serve in small parts, 3C, automotive, vortex compressors, molds, motorcycles, aerospace and other  industries. 

           There are Australia ANCA, Germany FORTIS, Switzerland Schneeberger,  The USA HUFFMAN and other advanced five-axis / four-axis produced equipment.

Korean PVD coating equipment,  the USA hot  pointing machine, polishing machine, external grinder, broach grinder, as well as various types of lathes, milling machines and some machining center. The inspection equipment: German Zoller G3, the universal tool microscope, metaloscope, and other test equipment for raw material and final tools inspection.

           Products include: drill, gun-drill, step drill, grinding turning insert, boring insert, MCD, PCD, CBN tool and non-standard tool, indexable milling insert, carbide endmill, solid micro boring tool, broach, automotive engine processing with various types of reamer, as well as the necessary holder & cutter.





















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Addr:A5 Building Qifu Industrial Park,No.288Juhuashi street,Huashan Town,Huadu District, Guangzhou,China  Tel:020-39936598    
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